Service portfolio Benvinguts a l'EAP Dreta de l'Eixample
Health care / Techniques / Laboratory / Complementary tests / Dentistry
Geriatrics / Social work / Prevention and health promotion activities / Community health
Epidemiologic Surveillance / Coordination with other health services / Administrative procedures
Health care attention is based on different kind of visits:
  Doctor's office visits:
  Home visits:
  Telephone queries:
  E-mail queries:
- Scheduled visit.
- Emergency visit.
- Programmed visit.
  We give home attention when in need of an emergency or spontaneous visit, as a patient requirement, or as programmed or scheduled visit as a part of the Home Attention Specific Program (ATDOM).

  Telephone queries: call
93 507 03 90 or 902 500 179. The selected department will attend your query as soon as possible.
  Send us your email queries to The selected department will attend your query as soon as possible  
EAP Dreta de l‘Eixample offers the following HEALTHCARE ACTIVITIES:
- Anamnesis, examination, diagnosis, and disease therapy.
- Drug and medical prescription.
- Diagnostic tests.
- Chronic disease monitoring.
- Sick leave management.
- Monitoring of both CAP II and hospital patients.
- Ward referral.
- Reports on user requirement and demand.
- Paliative care.
Health care practitioners can:
- Open wound and ulcer healing.
- Injections.
- Earwax treatment and removal.
- Electrocardiography, ECG or EKG test.
- Nocturnal Pulse Oximetry.
- Spirometry test.
- Tuberculin (tuberculin skin test).
- Pregnancy test.
- Urine test strip.
- Vesical and nasogastric sounds.
- Infiltration.
- Minor surgery.
- Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.
Schedule for blood extraction and sample collecting for laboratory testing,
at our facilities or at your home –when unable to travel:
Nursing staff work from 8 to 9,30 h. , from Monday to Friday.
Complementary tests: DOWNLOAD INFORMATION
The diagnostic tests are always performed at the request of the professional, and are performed in concerted centers. They include:
- Medical imaging.
- Echography.
- (X Ray) Computed tomography (CT).
- Densitometry.
- Gamma Imaging.
- Gastrointestinal endoscopy.
- Electromyography.
Since 2013 we also have our own ultrasound service. Since 2014 we have orthopantomography service.
We do not have delay for the accomplishment of the complementary tests.
  Public service test:
  Public service test performing included in your Servei Català de la Salut card:  
- Canine and incisor adult tooth therapy .
- Oral higiene programme for schools.
- Health instruction and education on diets and oral and dental health.
- Fluorine administration -depending on the child needs-.
- Annual check-up (including X-Rays when needed).
- Cavities sealing off on adult tooth.
- Obturacions en dents permanents.
- Dental pulp therapy.
- Dental extraction.
- Therapeutic ultrasound on adult tooth when tar or any gum disease is detected.
- Tartrectomies (dental cleanings) in pregnant women and patients with diabetes type 1 or insulin-dependent (under medical indication).
- Oral hygiene monitoring and education.
- Radiology tests such as Orthopantomogram and X-R periapicales).
- Sensivity tests to hot and cold.
- Simple and surgical extractions.
- EAP Dreta de l’Eixample is able to perform therapy and monitoring to diabetic people and pregnant women.

The following activities are not included in Servei Català de la Salut (CatSalut).
In order to provide comprehensive oral health care and quality, provide the following
services with the collaboration of Dr. López-Truchero, Dra. Saüch and Dr. Jordana.

- Conservative dentistry: sealing off, endodontics.
- Fixed and removable prosthesis.
- Endodontics implantology.
- Cosmetic Dentistry: teeth whitening, veneers.
- Periodontics: hygiene, curettage.
- Download splints or plates, sports mouthguards.
- Pediatric dentistry: fillings, pulpotomy, pulpectomies, space maintainers.
- Orthodontics for children and adults.
Geriatrics Office will perform the following services:
  Health care:
  Health surveillance:
  Health Care organized in visits to schools, home visits, telephone inquiries and email inquiries.  
  Health activities offered:  
- Anamnesis, examination, diagnosis and therapy.
- Prescription drug.
- Requests for complementary testing and evidence.
- Monitoring of severe and chronic conditions.
- Ward referral.
- Reports on user requirement and demand.
- Open wound and ulcers healing.
- Injections.
- Vesical and nasogastric catheter.
  Drug addiction control and management, sanitary measures in the residence, control and management of external assistance resources.  
  Health education:
  Staff education to become eldercare providers and, education on health issues.  
  Bringing consulting advice to professionals working at elderly homes.  
- Social Risk assessment.
- - Advice on social resources, health, psychological and legal.
- Addressing social problems both in our facilites and at home, and support to patients and elder caregiver.
- - Providing prevention care, social care and integration into society both on call and scheduled visits, to those families or people having social problems that have an influence on health.
- Promoting and participating in: cultural evaluation, social and economic risk of people allocated to EAP.
- Participating in educating health programmes.
- Ensuring EAP participation on integration into society affairs.
Prevention and health promotion activities: DOWNLOAD INFORMATION
- - Immunization of all population groups, according to the current immunization programme of the Department de Salut.
- - Risk factors detection and control (alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction, ...).
- Chronic diseases screening and detection, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, obesity, metabolic disease in children…
- Health education and wellness for patients with health problems, promotion of a healthy lifestyle and health risks prevention.
- - Monitoring healthy child.
- Depressive disorders and other mental disorders screening. Suicide prevention.
- Cavities screening and periodontal disease prevention, oral cancer.
- Risk of infectious diseases screening families and individuals with psychosocial risk tests and counselling
- Psychosocial risk tests and counselling
- - Self healing promotion of sexual safe behaviour.
- - Identification of population health problems setting priorities on the neighbourhood major health problems. Fixing services to neighbourhood needs.
- - Institutional and community resources knowledge to promote its development and use.
- Establish recording data systems to know health problems depending the care incidence, prevalence and coverage.
- Collaboration offers, as advisor on health issues with community organizations.
- - Coordination with other community services, such as social services and other health services.
- Establish participation procedures in needs analysis and intervention decision.
Epidemiologic surveillance: DOWNLOAD INFORMATION
- Monitoring and tracking on reporting communicable diseases.
- Other public health threats monitoring.
- Reporting adverse drug reactions.
Coordination with other health services: DOWNLOAD INFORMATION
- Coordination with diagnosis support services: different providers for additional evidences guarantee access to them. We offer a high-level quality implementation and a quick delivery.
- Coordination with second level care: contacting physicians from CAP II to streamline all procedures and visitors rapid accessibility. Providers working with our organization guarantee patient data confidentiality.
- Coordination with other health and social ABS resources: collaborating with relevant hospital services to ensure greater accessibility to the services, when the severity of the disease requires prompt treatment detection. On the other hand, the social worker provides the necessary contacts with community organizations, optimizing existing resources.
- - Networking with emergency programs and their activation codes.
Administrative procedures DOWNLOAD INFORMATION
- Información y documentación sanitarias.
- Gestión de agenda de los profesionales.
- Gestión agenda de primeras visitas a especialistas.
- Asignación de médico / pediatra / enfermero.
- Cambio de médico / pediatra / enfermero.
- Tramitación / renovación de la tarjeta sanitaria.
- Entrega de copia de receta electrónica.
- Recepción de reclamaciones y sugerencias.
- Gestión de pruebas complementarias.
- Gestión reintegro productos excluidos.
- Cambios de Centro de Atención Primaria.