Health care services Benvinguts a l'EAP Dreta de l'Eixample
Family Care / Pediatrics / Dentistry / Geriatrics / Nursing
Social work / Help desk
Family care
Health Care for all family members over 15 years old.

General practitioners provide prevention care, illness diagnosis and treatment, health education and community attention.
Pediatrician is the medical practitioner specialized on children and teens -under 15- health.

We do control on children under their 15s, such as prevention tasks ( e.g. vaccines, accidents), health education, pediatric illness diagnosis and monitoring.
The dental team take care of your oral health. They provide both national insurance covered services and private services.

National insurance card covered therapy services: tooth extraction, minor oral surgery, diabetes programme, pregnancy programme and children oral care. Complementary therapy services: endodontics,dental prosthesis and implants, oral aesthetics, periodontology, and paediatric dentistry, splints or plates downloads, sports mouthguards, orthodontics for children and adults.
Geriatrics staff take care of elderly patients in retirement homes.

Health activities offered: health support, nursing tecniques, ward referral and health transport.
Developing specific nursing techinques: e.g. injectables, blisters, ulcers and open wounds healing, blood pressure measurement, healthy habits stimulation and promotion, weight control, etc. at CAPs or at patient residence (depending on patient condition)
Social work
Social worker take care of your social needs. Identifies and set queries and needs, designs proper actions to address family's social conflicts. Also she participates in community tasks, joins educating health programmes and ensures EAP participation on integration into society affairs
Help desk
Help desk staff will welcome you when arriving to our facilities

They book and schedule visits, Health Information and documentation, ward referrals, addicional tests, National Health Insurance Card management, Concern letters admission, etc.